Perhentian Island, Malaysia

Perhentian Islands

Located on the eastern coast of Malaysia, the Perhentians are two islands. Both are stunning covered with a lot of palm trees, wide beaches, and crystal blue water. There’s not much to do here and visitors typically lay on the beach all day, resting from the night’s drinking before. It’s the perfect place to put up a hammock. A strong monsoon season limits when to go between March and October.

The location of Perhentian Island in Malaysia

The map of Perhentian Island

Perhentian Island ever do list in the top ten most beautiful beach in the world. But there are still so less the visitor will be there, because the government of Malaysia doesn't take the Perhentian Island as a traveling spot.Mean that's not so much promotion for Perhentian Island. By the way, it's one way to protect the natural view of Perhentian Island.

Here the view of the beach of Perhentian Island, the white and clean beach ever.

By the way, Perhentian Island with popular with the activity of snorkeling and diving. The underwater of Perhentian Island is great! Such as coral, sea-turtles, jellyfish, small sharks and reef-fish.

Here the another views of Perhentian Island:

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