Delos, Greek Island

Delos is an island with so near the Mykonos. It's about 20min boating can be arrived. Delos was the birthplace of Apollo and Atremis, a sacred island. And it's one of the most important city of Greek about 5000 years ago. Nowadays, Delos become a place of historic.

Maison des Dauphins
: Maison des Dauphins is a dionysus floor mosaic that originate covered by water and this floor is make from 2 million small piece of mosaic that have the Greek classical design. In deep, it has been under protect right now.

The Terrace of the Lions
The Terrace of the Lions dedicated to Apollo by the people of Naxos shortly before 600 BC, had originally nine to twelve squatting, snarling marble guardian lions along the Sacred Way; one is inserted over the main gate to the Venetian Arsenal

This island is administratively a part of the Mýkonos.