Berlin Wall, Germany

Berlin Wall

After War World II, German was divided into two country.East Germany was the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and West Germany was the Federal Republic of Germany.
The most prove of the Berlin Wall in the city is it's behind the Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Germany been united front at years 1989, that is just make the West Berlin and East Berlin had became the now Berlin.

Years 2000, the Berlin Wall started been under protected by government and some artist are doing painting on the Berlin Wall is one kind of way to retain it and make people have impress on it.

Piece of the Berlin Wall is valuable, every small piece got its own price.

It's cost 15,000 US dollar.

Before, Berlin Wall has the length 25mile and now it's left 1 mile in Berlin.

Here the other views of Berlin Wall:

This all are design by all others country artist.

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