Tarahumara Indians from Mexico-Copper Canyon.

So-Vo-Chiss is Tarahumara Indians phrase, or more truly, it's a concept of life.
So-Vo-Chiss mean "to walk straight".
What is that mean?
They deem the people in the whole world actually almost the sleep walker. And they all talk about is if you maintain a sub level of senses in your life,so you walking straigh always holding it then even in your dream you can do anything, can manipulated reality.
It's kind of concept that out of human's mind.
You walk straight, you dont have the senses to care about the environment and anything beside you. That's mean you hold your dream and you decide about triumph it. Sometime, people who make a decision for the future but it might be waver by emotionality and material condition. So, So-Vo-Chiss is the theory that contain your dream and always remind that you have a dream, and you know how to protect them.

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