Hammerhead Shark

The Great Hammerhead

Hellow everyone, today I gonna introduce about the Hammer Shark to you.
So why Hammerhead Shark?
Of all the animals in the oceans, the hammerhead shark may be one of the strangest looking. Beside, Hammerhead Sharks have special ability that less people know.
Basically, I gonna said that Hammerhead Shark actually are border on extinction animal red list. They are so less than in our reckon.

It's kind of Hammerhead Shark:
-Scalloped Hammerhead
-Great Hammerhead
-Smooth Hammerhead
-Whitefin Hammerhead
-Scalloped Bonnethead

Hammerhead Shark is group in Shark family but it's only different that it's head is flat and therefore people call them as Hammerhead Shark.
This flat head is bring the special ability for Hammerhead Shark, Hammerhead Shark have a sensor organs that can feel the temperature of sea and also can feel the structure of sea, it's just like a Sea Scanner! Hammerhead Shark is one kind of shark that none-stop swiming and need to stay away from the float because it's just can bring them breath. Add ImageSo that, this ability is use for them.

Hammerhead Shark is a very beautiful shark, and also hammerhead shark is more docile when compare with ohters shark.King Angel fish is the cleaner fish for Hammerhead Shark. It help Hammerhead Shark eat the parasite, this become a natural cycle. Hammerhead Shark get clean, King anglefish get food.

King Angelfish

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