Sylt, Germany


Sylt is a northernmost island of Germany. It famous for its beaches, thatched-roof houses and spectacular dune landscape.

The Thatched-Roof House

The island of Sylt is one great huge sand-dune around by the North Sea. And that's the longer continuous beach in the Germany about 40.2km. To the west of Sylt is Denmark and United Kingdom.

Sylt became famous for "the rich and the naked," when the entire island became one big party.
Sylt is a big, little place. The largest town is Westerland, which sits bang in the middle of the island. Hörnum lies to the south while at the northern end is List, the most northerly town in Germany.

Sylt Beach
Sylt is also well-known for its nude sandy beaches.It established the first official nude beach in Germany in 1920. The island of Sylt, one of the Frisian Islands in the North Sea, is known as Germany's St Tropez. Smart Germans flock here in July and August to top up their all-over tans, see and be seen. The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway. It's a charming place with thatched-roof houses, red-and-white striped lighthouses, and, on the beaches, Strandkoerbe (distinctive shell-shaped sun loungers). The west coast of the island is given over to wide white-sand beaches. Buhne 16 is the most tolerant nude beach.
In the 20 century this beach attracted the nudism people. They uphold the natural brown skin and nude swim. And they say Sylt can make a special brown skin color. In there, they have the rules too.
1. Respect the others. Don't stare at the other people's body and no public sex on the beach.
2. Don't nude out of the official nude area.
3. No photography except you ask for permission.
If you feel cold, head to the beach sauna there can warm your body up.

Here some picture of the Sylt Beach:

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