Pavilion Hotel, London, England

Pavilion Hotel

Pavilion Hotel is a most unique hotel in London. It has 30 rooms in the hotels and each room had been set up by specific theme so customer can pick up their favorite room. It located near Oxford Str and Hyde park.

Harpers & Queen magazine described the Pavilion Hotel as "London's chicest little Hotel". According to the Evening Standard newspaper it is "London's hottest crash pad for style slaves in W2."
The Pavilion is popular amongst the fashion, media and music world. A diverse collection of bands, pop stars and actors have visited the hotel.The Hotel has become extremely popular with the fashion, music, tv and film industries. Supermodels, Oscar winning actors, famous musicians and tv stars have all visited the walls of the Pavilion.

Casablanca Nights:
This magical room takes its inspiration from the sun soaked lands of North Africa. A heady mix of rich colours, sumptuous fabrics and moody lighting, this room looks best at night, when the giant traditional Moroccan lantern casts intricate patterns across a ceiling twinkling with silver and gold stars and over twin Edwardian beds draped in mosquito nets. Solid deco furniture and lots of leopard print fabrics add an eclectic touch.

Highland Fling:

Green With Envy:
A cosy room with 2 beds, Green With Envy is filled with beautiful and idiosyncratic objects. An Arts & Crafts style wardrobe is cleverly juxtaposed with faux tortoiseshell dressing table and old fashioned chintz headboard. Walls are painted a deep velvety green and windows are lavishly draped with yards of sumptuous dark green silk. The overall effect is one of cocooned opulence.

Better Red Than Dead:
This is an intimate double bedded room decorated almost entirely in shades of red. A voluptuous symphony of claret, vermilion and burgundy is elegantly combined with antique French furniture, theatrical curtains and flamboyant bed hanging. The result is an enchanting and original room, peacefully located at the back of the building.

Honky Tonk Afro:
This room is a humorous interpretation of the decade of unbounded excess that was the 70's. Walls are a vibrant lime green, boldly trimmed with fluorescent pink feather boas. Curtains are sequinned in true disco style and tied back with furry dice! Heart shaped mirrored headboards are complemented by hippy glass beads in jewel colours draped around the bed. There is a disco ball (of course) and walls are adorned with pictures of icons from that era. This is a room that knows no restraint kitschy, over the top and totally groovy.

Funky Zebra:

Diamonds Are Forever:

Gold Finger:

Rhythm In Blues:

Chapter & Verse:

White Days Soul Nights:

A light and frothy confection in shades of white and cream, "White Days, Soul Nights" is a peaceful attic room with a double bed and a deliciously airy feel. Restrained, painted antique French furniture is offset by white painted floor boards, whilst magnificent gilt and crystal wall sconces lend an opulent note. A window pelmet imaginatively fashioned from an antique wedding dress is the finishing touch.

Indian Summer:

Enter The Dragon:
Very oriental bordello in style, this is a spacious, first floor balcony room with twin beds. The spirit of Eastern exoticism is captured in this exciting room by the extensive use of imagery and pattern - on walls, curtains, even ceiling - and by the carefully assembled collection of Chinese treasures: carved and gilded wooden masks compete for attention with antique wedding chests and intricate screens, while an English Victorian bamboo desk reminds us of the West's long standing fascination with the East.

War & Peace:
War & Peace is just one example. Located at the front of the house, with leafy tree top view, this small but striking room has been decorated to resemble a campaign tent from the era of Napoleonic wars ( The Hotel was actually once the private residence Napoleon's private Doctor). Red and white striped walls and a tented ceiling from the basis of this fantasy. A 4-poster single bed upholstered in the red and gold braid of an officer's uniform continues the theme. Antique prints and military paraphernalia abound. Even the bedside lamp has been fashioned from the base of an old rifle. Classical with a hint of humour, this is one of the Hotel's most popular single rooms.

Monochrome Marilyn:
The smallest single room in the Hotel, tucked away at the very top of the house Monochrome Marilyn is a superb example of design within a tiny space. Black & silver has been daringly used as a colour scheme, austere but somehow elegant. Yet despite the restrained palette, the Hotel's trademark veracity has been successfully injected into this room through the use of Andy Warhol inspired images of Marilyn Monroe pasted all over the walls. Silver swags and satin curtains at the window add a further touch of Hollywood glamour. Though diminutive in size, this room is a hauntingly beautiful space, like the star herself.

Secret Garden:
The bedroom meanwhile has been inspired by vintage British Cinema. Walls are papered in a traditional floral design from Colfax and Fowler, an established bastion of English Country style. Solid oak furniture and heavy tapestry curtains further enhance the old fashioned ambience, whilst any hint of fustiness is dispelled by a painted and gilded four poster bed hung with silk and glass beading and unexpectedly exotic flourish in an otherwise sombre environment.

Silver Salon:

Cosmic Girl:


Quiet Please:

Three's Company:

Flower Power:



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