The Grand Canyon, Arizona, United State

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the first national park in United States, it is 446 km long, ranges in width from 6.4 to 29 km and attains a depth of over 6000 feet and more than a great chasm carved over millennia through the rocks of the Colorado Plateau.

The Grand Canyon is in the northwest corner of Arizona, close to the borders of Utah and Nevada. The Colorado River, which flows through the canyon, drains water from seven states. Most of the Grand Canyon lies within Grand Canyon National Park and is managed by the National Park Service.

The oldest human artifacts found are nearly 12,000 years old and date to the Paleo-Indian period. There has been continuous use and occupation of the park since that time.And archeological remains from the following culture groups are found in Grand Canyon National Park got Paleo-Indian, Archaic, Basketmaker, Ancestral Puebloan (Kayenta and Virgin branches), Cohonina, Cerbat, Pai, Zuni, Hopi, Navajo, and Euro-American.

Although first afforded Federal protection in 1893 as a Forest Reserve and later as a National Monument, Grand Canyon did not achieve National Park status until 1919, three years after the creation of the National Park Service. Today Grand Canyon National Park receives close to five million visitors each year - a far cry from the annual visitation of 44,173 which the park received in 1919.


Wildlife in Grand Canyon National Park is as amazing views.All wildlife in Grand Canyon National Park is protected by federal law, approaching or feeding animals is also prohibited because animals that are fed by people become dependent on human food, it may lose their ability to forage for natural foods.
Grand Canyon is a natural part of earth and it's some under threatened status animals live at there such as:

Big Horn Sheep




Puma(Mountain Lion)

Califonia Condor

Mule deer


Grand Canyon National Park is a sanctuary and home for wildlife. By treating wildlife with respect and not approaching or feeding them, this is aiding their chance for survival. So keep wildlife wild.

Grand Canyon Skywalk:
The horseshoe-shaped glass walkway stands at a 3,600 feet (1,100 m) height above the floor of the canyon, a height exceeding those of the world's tallest skyscrapers. It was build on March 20, 2007, and opened to the general public on March 28, 2007. The cost of the Skywalk was $31 million.

Here some amazing views of Grand Canyon:

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