New York Central Park- New York, USA

New York Central Park
Central Park is a part in the center of New York City. It's green and natural park, it bring the fresh look for the busy New York City.The park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. In the Central Park it has the extensive walking tracks, two ice-skating rinks, the Central Park Zoo, the Central Park Conservatory Garden, a wildlife sanctuary, a large area of natural woods, a reservoir with an encircling running track, and the outdoor Delacorte Theater which hosts the "Shakespeare in the Park" summer festivals.
There are twenty gates into Central Park, and all of them have colorful names such as Stranger's Gate, Explorer's Gate, Hunter's Gate and here Artist's Gate at the head of the Avenue of the Americas and Central Park South.

Gapstow Bridge
Gapstow was a wooden bridge supported by the unique feature of a large segmental arch of wood on the north and south sides, both arches springing from ledges on the stone abutments.
It's designed by Howard & Caudwell in 1896, is built of unadorned Manhattan schist.

Art & Memorial & Statue In Central Park:
Merchant's Gate Entrance- Maine Monument, Central Park, NY
It's emblem victory, peace, courage, fortitude, justice, majestic, and grand.

Central Park, "107th Infantry Memorial"

Central Park, "Alice in Wonderland"

Central Park, "Angel of the Waters Fountain"

Central Park, "Balto"

Central Park, "Burnett Memorial Fountain"

It's So much Activity can be make in Central Park like Cycle, Jogging,
drumming, skating, parenting groups, softball,and dancing.
Especially roller skating, it's become famous activity the people do in Central Park.

This is the others activities

Also, it's a carriage ride in Central Park for visitor in New York City.

Central Park in the Manhattan borough of New York City is a rectangular park measuring 2.5 miles long by 1 mile wide. It's the full view of New York Central

It's the Video About the New York Central Park.

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