Camel Spider

Camel Spider

Camel Spider is the one of freakish animal in the world. Cause human don't ever know this is a spider or a scorpion. Sun Spider also has another common name like sun spider, wind scorpion and sun scorpion.

Camel Spiders have the mouth like
scorpion but they don't have the sting and pincers. But Camel Spider have 10 legs.

Camel Spider are non-poison insect. Somebody take them as pet.
Their arms are sticky, which are used to hold their prey items while they eat them. Only the last pair of legs is used for walking. They eat insects, and some smaller animals such as lizards.
That's so many superstitions talk about Camel Spider. In Mexico and the Southwest it is one of two different creatures referred to as nina de la tierra or child-of-the earth.


心情~密码 said...

so terror ya..
scare about it's look..

Just Say Good9 said...

Ya, possible. But it's amazing...

AleRey420 420x said...
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AleRey420 420x said...

I see dem all da time they cont fuk wit u unless u harm them