Battle of Orange, Italy

Battle of Orange

Battle of Orange is a ancient festival that held in Ivrea town and come alive in February. It is the largest food fight in Italy.A three days battle by using the orange as the weapon to take down their enemy.

It's memory the 12th century to revolt the inhumanity Raineri di Biandrate, a local duke. Raineri di Biandrate always abused his new bride. Until one day, the duke offend to a wrong woman, Violetta la Mugnaia , as a miller's daughter she chopped his head off. This enkindle a revolution so till today, the oranges battle.

The carriages represent the duke's guard and the orange throwers the revolutionaries. Spectators are not allowed to throw oranges, but visitors are allowed to enlist in the teams. If they wear a red hat they are considered part of the revolutionaries and will not have oranges thrown at them.

In estimated, they using 4 hundred ton of orange in the battle each year.

Here's the view of the Battle of Oranges in Ivrea:

And the video:

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