The inflation of high oils.( The economic melt down) and the foreclosure soar

It's all start from the U.S economic became disaster recession.
The President Bush gets Ben Bernanke to borrow and print hundreds of Billions of dollars for the needless war. Ben Bernanke is the incumbent Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Faderal Reserve on Feb 1,2006.
Because of the overrun produce the dollars in market economic, the values of dollars plummets to Record Lows. And the Inflation. But simply, this inflation were out of control.
The High Oil are cause by the inflation and falling dollar and the price were raise up in a mean time.
Besides, because of the needless war, Iraq is producing less oil than before. They decreasing the supply of oil.
Wall street is a street in lower Manhattan, New York City, USA. Wall Street was the first permanent home of the New York Stock Exchange, over time, it become a influential financial interests in the U.S.
Wall Street sees all this means oil is going to go up so they buy up record amounts of oil as an Investment. This makes for even more demand, pushing prices even higher. So guess what......
wall Street buys even more! Pushing up prices again.
High Gas Prices means it cost more to take the food from the farm to Wal-Mart(A discount department stores). The Gas prices also mean it costs more for Farmer Bob to run his tractor, up goes the grocery bill. The U.S national Dept Is about to hit $10 trillion! That's followed by 13 zeros! That's no enogh space to show that number on the national Debt Clock In New York.
With wild inflation , high gas prices and high food prices people cant afford their Mortgages anymore. The number of foreclosuresoar causing house prices to plummet.
And the Banks increase the interest rates to recover losses. But this force more people fall into foreclosure. So the Fed Lower Central Interest Rates. But that makes out more inflation!
Yes, admiral it as a trap...A Big Money Trap!
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton say there against the war but a few week ago, they both voted to increase war funding by $100BN. John McChain wants to stay for 100 years and Bomb Iran!
The Case Home Prices Data showed more rot on the housing vine as the 20-city home price index fell by 14.4% years-on-years in March. A new record low in data, all the way back to 2001. The housing data melt down has not "bottomed" with data like this. This is Clearly a recession.
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